Physics in the LHC Era” 17-21 October
Conference Program (Preliminary)

17 October:    General Introduction
1000 --- Registration
1030 --- Opening Ceremony and Welcome Speeches
1100 --- Introductory talk: J.Khubua (TSU/JINR), “How it was starting…” 
1130 --- Coffee break

Session 1: Selected Questions of Theoretical Physics
Chairman – Prof. Anzor Khelashvili (HEPI TSU)

1200 – Alexander Machavariani (TSU/JINR): “On the experimental tests of the hadron structure in the particle scattering reactions”. 
1245 – Gennady Kozlov (JINR): “Dilaton vs. Higgs-boson. Theory and Phenomenology”. 
1330 - 1500 --- Lunch

Chairman: Prof. Merab Eliashvili (IM TSU)

1500 – Tamaz Kereselidze (TSU): “Application of the Coulomb spheroidal basis for diatomic molecular calculations” 
1530 – Zaal Machavariani (TSU): “Electron-impact ionization of atomic hydrogen: dynamical variotional treatment”. 
Badri Magradze (IM TSU): Strong coupling constant from Tau decay within a dispersive approach to pQCD.
1600 – Giorgi Tsitsishvili, M. Eliashvili (IM TSU): “On the Hofstadter problem in graphene” 
1630 – Vakhtang Garsevanishvili (IM TSU): “On the deuteron relativistic wave function”. 

18 30 – Reception hold by the Rector of I. Javakhishvili Tbilisi St. University – Alexander Kvitashvili.

Thuesday 18, October--- Session 2, Continuation of: Selected Questions of Theoretical Physics
  Chairman: Prof. Gennady Kozlov (JINR).

1000 – A. Machavariani: “Current conservation and analytic determination of the magnetic moments of the deuteron and the delta isobars”. 
1045 – Alexei Gladyshev (JINR): “TBA”. 
1130 --- Coffee break

Chairman: Prof. Mikhail Nioradze (HEPI, TSU).

12 00 Teimuraz Nadareishvili, A. Khelashvili (HEPI TSU): “Singularity of the Laplace operator in spherical coordinates and some of its consequences for the radial Schredinger equations”. 
1230 – Badri Magradze (IM TSU): Strong coupling constant from Tau decay within a dispersive approach to pQCD. 

1330 – 1500 --- Lunch

Session 3: ATLAS Grid, Data Selection and Analysis
Chairman: Tomas Davidek (Charles Univ., Prague).

1500 – Vladimir Roinishvili (JINR, Dubna): “Size of the hadronization regions at energies up to those of the LHC”.   
1545 – Alexi Mestvirishvili (Univ. of Iowa): “CMS forward calorimeter and perspectives for its upgrade”.  
1630 – Mirian Tabidze (Hepi TSU): “Recent results of spin filtering experiment at COSY”. 
1700 – Irene Vichou (Univ. of Illinois, USA): Status of the Tile Calorimeter in ATLAS 
1830 --- Georgian Art

Wednesday, 19 October: EXSCURSION.
Thursday, 20 October, Session 4:

New Results from LHC (status, activity, problems…)
Chairmen: Vakhtang Kartvelishvili (Lancaster Un. United Kingdom)

1000 - T. Davidek (Charles Univ.): “Tile Cal Performance”. 
1045 – Irakli Minashvili (JINR/CERN): “Tile Calorimeter upgrade” 
1130 --- Coffee break
1200 - Giorgi Arabidze (Michigan St. Univ./CERN): “Tile Cal Data Preparation”.
1230 - Archil Elizbarashvili (TSU): “Network infrastructure of TSU”. 
1300 Hans Von Der Schmitt - ATLAS operation, Computing and upgrade plans 
1330 – 1500 --- Lunch

Session 5
Chairman: Vladimir Nikitin (JINR, Dubna).

1500 – Sophio Pataraia (Bergische Un.Wuppertal): “Beyond SM searches at ATLAS”. 
1545 – Vakhtang Kartvelishvili: “Quarkonium Physics in ATLAS” 
1730 --- Excursion in City Boundaries

Friday, 21 October, Session 6:
Some Selected Questions of High Energy Physics in the LHC Era
Invited Talks
Chairman: Prof. Jemal Khubua (HEPI, TSU)

1000 – V. Nikitin (JINR, Dubna): “Search for pion Condensation in PP interaction at proton beam energy 50GeV”. 
1045 – Manjit Dosanjh (CERN): “Medical Application of particle physics”. 
1130 --- Coffee break
1330 – 1500 --- Lunch

Closing of the conference and future Plans.